Ninja Sonik's very own Bartman aka Jah Jah was recently featured in the New York Times article : What 9 Shoppers Wore to the Whole Foods in Williamsburg

Here's his excerpt from the article:

 Whole Foods, Williamsburg

Whole Foods, Williamsburg

Jah Jah Brown

Occupation Musician and D.J.

Do you have a connection to the movie “The Crow”?

Well, my buddy out in England has a clothing line, and he’s influenced by classic ’90s movies. The brand is called Pale Girl.

Your pants are camouflage.

I skateboard as well, and it’s kind of been the thing in skateboarding recently. I don’t know why, though. One day, me and my buddy were skating, and he said that we need camo pants. We were drunk, and we went to the store and bought some. I’ve been wearing them every day since as a joke.

Tell me about your shoes.

These are Converse. I just ripped the laces recently, and I found some neon green ones. So it’s not for any style reason, they’re just the only ones I had.

What’s up with these?

These are my fox tails. It’s kind of my key chain. It’s become a staple, and everyone in my band, everyone identifies me with wearing this. My old tour manager had me wear it in a video, and I’ve been wearing it ever since, for the past six years.

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